Balch Springs, Texas

History of Balch Springs

Historian Marilyn Kosanke has kindly provided the following history of Balch Springs to the city.

In the 1840s, people began moving into what is now Balch Springs. William H. Bennett and other farmers brought their families to the area that is now Balch Springs. Before Mesquite was founded in 1873, settlers had to travel to nearby communities like Scyene and Haught’s Store to get their mail and supplies. Wheat, oats, and corn were the three most important crops in the early 1800s. By the end of the 19th century, cotton had replaced wheat as the most important crop. Don’t forget to learn about Garland, Texas here too.

John M. Balch and his family arrived in Texas around 1879, settling in the area that is now home to Balch Springs Road and Eastgate Drive, south of Mesquite. On his property, Mr. Balch discovered multiple springs, one of which flowed continuously throughout the year. Supposedly, Mr. Balch’s springs were spruced up and bricked up, turning them into a community hub where neighbors would gather to chat while they waited to fill up their water containers. It was Mr. Balch’s neighbors who first gave the springs their name.

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